Meet the Team at Eugene Car Care

Eugene Car Care specializes in Volvo, Subaru, Lexus, and Toyota for more complex diagnostics and repairs. Eugene Car Care provides customers with factory scheduled maintenance services.

Their first-rate transmission service includes flushing with the recommended fluids in your car so it runs at optimal performance. Their expert technicians know how to respond to “trouble codes” that signal when a car is having issues. Eugene Car Care has the diagnostic equipment to interpret these codes and advise on repairs that might be necessary.

Eugene Car Care works on customers’ suspension systems. Many suspension systems are a complex set of bushings, struts, and control arms, all designed to stabilize a car on all the varied road conditions a car drives over.

Eugene Car Care provides expert diagnostic and repair maintenance services for their customers’ cars. Their highly skilled technicians ensure brakes are in excellent working order, typically inspecting a customer’s brakes every oil change.

Customers come to Eugene Car Care for work on their exhaust systems, which are designed to reduce noise and air pollution. We ensure that the exhaust system is working at maximum efficiency, as transportation is considered the largest single source of air pollution in the U.S.

Eugene Car Care’s thorough inspection of a customer’s exhaust system includes examining the exhaust manifold, the Catalytic Converter, the resonator – comprised of a steel tube that reduces sound waves, the muffler, the tail pipe, and the hangers and brackets.

As an added service, Eugene Car Care also offers maintenance diagnostics and repairs for air conditioners. Eugene Car Care is certified by Lane County as an “Eco-Logical” business. Their technicians use 134a refrigerant, which does not deplete the ozone and is considered environmentally safe. Eugene Car Care technicians recycle refrigerant and recommend servicing every 2 years. Keeping the air conditioner in prime working order will help customers save money in the long run.

Meet the Owner

“I have the best job in the world working with true professionals and appreciative customers.”

Eugene Car Care's Logo on Black

Deciding to live in the Northwest has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The people in Eugene are warm and welcoming and always willing help you and do right by the environment.

My family and I moved to Eugene from Ann Arbor, Michigan, after reading a book that rated Eugene and Ann Arbor tied for second place for desirable place to live and raise a family.

I just became a grandfather for the 12th time recently and my wife and I are very proud of our kids and what they’ve made of their lives.

“Service is why we’re here.” That’s not just our slogan, we really mean it. I take a lot of pride in hiring the best and most conscientious employees available so that we can offer the best car service in Eugene.

The people I hire embody the virtues of honesty and integrity. I believe in paying my employees well and treating them like family. Happy employees mean long-term employees, and that has allowed us to really grow together as a team and work family.

We work on a radical pay-scale for our industry.

Most shops pay their technicians by the job (called “billable hours”) where each job is allotted a specific number of hours that can be billed, regardless of how quickly the job is actually completed.

So it’s in their financial interests to find things that need fixing to pad on extra hours.

By contrast, our technicians are paid a generous livable hourly wage, no matter what work they do. You can be assured that our technicians aren’t pressured into finding things wrong with your car.

Our staff is highly trained to work quickly and efficiently on the cars we specialize in. We are experts in Subaru, Volvo, Toyota, and Lexus. We also work with lines including Honda, Acura, Nissan and Infiniti.

Our ASE certified technicians attend regular seminars to receive the latest training and we have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment that allow us to do the job right the first time.

This saves our customers time and money and it keeps our employees happy. And happy employees do the best work.

Our customers are like family and they mean the world to us. It’s just good business to charge an affordable rate for a good job. That’s why our customers feel good about returning to us and recommending us to their friends.

Where We Come From

The History of Eugene Car Care

We’ve helped thousands of friends and customers through the years.

My brother started Swedish Engineering in the 80s as a way to pay for schooling. He quickly decided to focus on Volvo, and we expanded from there. I took over operations in 2003 when I purchased the store from my brother.

At the time we only specialized in one line of Swedish cars. But we’ve expanded to do a lot more than that nowadays.

That’s why we re-branded to Eugene Car Care. The new name of our business is more suited to what we do now. It really highlights our commitment to our local community and how important Eugene is to us.

After I bought the store from my brother I expanded the cars we maintenance to include Subaru in response to our customers’ needs. In addition to specializing in Volvo and Subaru, we now offer advanced diagnostics and maintenance for Toyota and Lexus cars as well.

Eugene Car Care's Logo on Black

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