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Subaru Maintenance & Repair Services

Eugene Car Care has provided top-tier auto repair, service, and maintenance for Subaru automobiles since 1984. Our team is 100% committed to providing you affordable maintenance to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.

With exceptional mechanics like ours, you are guaranteed quality servicing and proper vehicle care for all of your Subaru maintenance and repair needs.

Our team works hard to offer top service for all of your Subaru auto care needs.

Our automotive preventive and repair maintenance is performed by a qualified professional team that specializes in Subaru service. Our job is to work hard so that you can drive your car out of the lot with complete trust in the hard work that our team puts into our jobs.

Our preventative maintenance & repair services include:

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Tune Ups

Oil Changes

Tire Rotations

Alternators & Starters

Complete Engine Repair

Catalytic Converters

Universal Joints

Axel Repair

Transmission Service & Repair

Air Conditioning Systems

Fuel Pumps & Lines

Driveline Repair

CV Shafts & Joints

Fuel System Injector Cleaning

Computerized Engine Diagnostics

Electrical Systems

Brake Repair

Steering Systems

Shock Absorbers & Struts

Whether you’re looking for routine tune ups or unexpected car repairs, Eugene Car Care has you covered.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality maintenance and service to keep your Subaru running smoothly and efficiently.

Our team works hard to offer only top tier services for your Subaru.

With exceptional mechanics like ours, you are guaranteed quality servicing and proper vehicle care for all of your Subaru maintenance and repair needs.

Who We Are

Eugene Car Care takes pride in our qualified, experienced mechanics. From thorough interviews to proper training, we ensure that each member of our Subaru mechanic team is prepared for anything when it comes to your vehicle’s servicing needs.

Our mechanics work on a radical pay-scale. While most shops pay technicians by the job (“billable hours”), Eugene Car Care pays employees with a generous hourly wage. Our technicians will never be pressured into finding things “wrong” with your vehicle. Instead, they work hard at fixing the issues that your car does have—all for the same wages. This option creates a distance between us and our competitors’ salaries that create conflicts of interest between you and their mechanics. Our staff is highly trained to work quickly and efficiently on every car that comes through our garage doors.

Our ASE certified technicians attend regular seminars to update their training. We utilize state of the art diagnostic tools and equipment that allow us to complete your Subaru job right the first time. These innovative solutions serve to keep our clients happy.

We are committed to providing you with a better experience, no matter the service. Here at Eugene Car Care, we promise to:

  • Offer fair quotes for excellent repairs
  • Care for your car as if it were our own
  • Advise you on repair options within your budget
  • Rate and itemize repairs according to priority
  • Offer free shuttle services for the greater Eugene/Springfield areas
  • Arrange alternate transportation for out of area and overnight repairs
  • Offer advice on transitioning to a replacement or new car line
  • Treat you like family in the most friendly and respectful ways
  • Offer 2-year, unlimited warranties on most repairs
  • Provide a free 57-point inspection with every oil change service

Our Team

Here at Eugene Car Care, we take pride in our exceptional qualifications and experience that help us to ensure that you are getting the absolute best service and rates around. Our Subaru mechanics are always available when you need them for any of your repair and maintenance needs.

Our ASE technicians are experienced in all aspects of auto repair. These qualified mechanics are experienced in using our state of the art diagnostic equipment for your Subaru’s auto repair and care needs.

From the moment you walk in our doors, you’ll be greeted with friendly representatives and attentive client relations personnel that are more than happy to help you with any issue your vehicle may be having. We are proud of our Eugene Car Care family, and we’re excited to work with you!

Benefits of Maintaining Your Subaru

Subaru owners are proud of their vehicles. Part of that pride comes from the immaculate state of their car. Eugene Car Care is here to help.

Why should you keep up with maintaining your Subaru?

Pride of Ownership

Keeping up with your vehicle’s interior and exterior functions and looks is a part of the Subaru experience. Ensure that your car is kept immaculate and functional with routine maintenance and upkeep.

Improve Longevity

Keeping your car’s interior and exterior in excellent condition is essential to lengthening its vehicle life. The interior workings of your car can be maintained with proper tune ups and repairs. The exterior of your Subaru can be kept pristine with regular washing and waxing to extend the life of your paint.

Boost Performance

Keeping your car moving smoothly and efficiently is a job that can’t be overlooked. Our team is dedicated to providing Subaru owners with quality servicing that ensures optimal power and performance of your vehicle.

Ensured Safety

Making sure that your car is in optimal condition is key to ensuring the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other drivers and pedestrians on the road around you. Safe maintenance ensures that you are less of a risk to others on the road.

Save Money

A well-maintained car is less likely to break down. If maintenance is put off for too long, unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s parts can cause (sometime irreversible) damages. To prevent this damage, it’s important to repair and replace the parts of your Subaru that experiences normal, every-day wear and tear. This would include replacing aged brake calipers and rotors. Proper maintenance will save you money from towing services, car rentals, and time away from work. Performing routine maintenance operations today can save your thousands on repairs tomorrow.

Increase Resale Value

Subaru vehicles that are well-maintained and have regular servicing records hold higher resale values. This value makes your Subaru even easier to sell.

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